2. 2016.3.10
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[Review] Shimono and Baek Return to SSV with Fine Results


“Symphony Silicon Valley invited two of its most popular guest performers, conductor Tatsuya Shimono and soloist Ju-Young Baek back for a concert at San Jose’s California Theatre on Saturday, Jan. 23. The results were gratifyingly intricate and well-wrought rather than merely spectacular……

Under Shimono’s baton, SSV laid them all out audibly. This performance bloomed with inner lines, twirls, curlicues, low growls, and a host of other effects usually buried. This was a bright, quirky, and fun work of music. After the first movement, a man down the row from me burst out with “Wild!”

January 25, 2016 (Schubert, Bruch, & Hindemith)/ San Francisco Classical Voice

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